Destiny's Child Inc.

Destiny's Child Team

Destiny's Child Inc. is made up of a multi-disciplinary team that is committed to providing the highest quality of services to individuals with special needs in the least restrictive environment.

The Agency is committed to an ongoing performance improvement and will continually seek ways to meet the needs of the clients and the community.

Team Unity

Multi-disciplinary Team

  • Board of Directors
  • RN
  • LPN
  • Office Assistants

Destiny's Child utilizes the multidisciplinary treatment team approach to assist client in developing a comprehensive individualized service plan (ISP) to become a more independent citizen in the community.

Individualized Service Plan (ISP)

This is a written document that serves as a guide to what types of services we offer our clients, allowing them to become independent citizens. An ISP normally includes the scheduling of medical/dental appointments and the client's therapeutic recreational activities.