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Destiny's Child Inc.

Destiny’s Child Inc offers services for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families within the metro-Atlanta area and surrounding counties. Services are authorized through the Division of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities (DBHDD). The individual’s services are based on the service descriptions identified through the COMP/NOW Medicaid waiver that provides individuals with developmental disabilities the opportunity to receive services within their community.

Destiny’s Child Inc provides Community Living Support (CLS) services. Services that support an individual’s assistance with the acquisition, retention, or improvement of skills related to individual’ continued residence in their family homes or their own home.

In-home care for individuals with a disability, non-medical home care can be an important part of independent living. Assistance can come in the form of in-home care supportive services like meal preparation, assistance to medical appointments, housekeeping, or assistance with hygiene and personal care.

Community Access Services:
Provided to groups of individuals, with a staff to individual ratio of one to two or more but no more than one (1) to ten (10) Actual staff to individual ratio based on individual need level of the participants in the group. Designed to provide oversight, assist with daily living, socialization, communication, and mobility skills building and supports in a group

Community Access Group (CAG) Community Access Individual and Community Access Individual (CAI) services for individuals with developmental disabilities who, if given assistance, can reside in their own homes. With assistance given by a direct support professional, these individuals can become active members of the community. Our goal is to support individuals with developmental disabilities in pursuit of developing life skills, interests, and maximum independence. We are committed to working with individuals who are dealing with delayed development, autism, intellectual deficiency, and severe intellectual deficiency and A program Without Walls.

Destiny’s Child Inc is dedicated to working diligently with individuals and families to identify strength, needs, and work towards achieving an individual’s hopes, dreams, and desires, whether it is in their family home or in the individual’s home. Individuals are motivated to becoming more involved in the community activities of their choice.

An Act of Kindness

Community Access Service

Destiny’s Child Inc dba AAOK is a Community Access Medicaid Waiver service providing individuals with a meaningful path to community participation and to achieving life goals as identified in their Individualized Service and Day Habilitation plans. Activities are geared around an individual’s interests and talents.

Community programs are offered to individuals who live in residential settings as well as by themselves or with family. These programs include purposeful and meaningful activities and are designed to foster the acquisition of living skills, appropriate behavior, greater independence and, personal choice. AAOK also provides transportation door-to-door for those unable to use public transportation.

The primary goal is to assist each person in achieving maximum independence. Individuals are evaluated and provided with the specific skills & training needed, ranging from personal grooming and meal preparation to housekeeping, support for independence in travel, transportation and development of social skills, leisure skills, self-advocacy, informed choice skills, and more.

Our services are offered in Fulton County, Georgia, and include a wide network of services support and skills training, enhancing skills in the following areas, including:

Programs operate from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, Monday to Friday year-round. Door-to-door transportation is provided.

A Program Without Walls

Designed to promote independence and productivity through participation in meaningful activities. Instruction is provided to help organize and support the individual’s participation in community-based activities. A wide range of volunteer work experiences and site-based activities are available to foster community connections.

These community-based life skills are achieved through volunteer work, peer activities, physical exercise, travel planning, participation in art and cultural activities, learning money management skills, and more.

Other Services

Participants of Destiny’s Child Inc. programs receive other supported services. These may include:

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Community Living Supports (CLS)
In Home Services
Community Access Group (CAG)
Community Access Individual (CAI)
A Program Without Walls

Destiny’s Child Inc. / AAOK

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